Facial Mocap

-Markerless Realtime and Offline Facial Mocap with a very high accuracy

Facial Rigging

-High end Facial Rigs That can range from a simple Facial Rig for an Indie project to an Extremely advanced Facial Rig for a Blockbuster.

Character Modeling

-High poly and lowpoly Characters and Creatures for Games, Feature Films and Cinematics.

Shading and Look Development

-Shading for Game Engines and Render Engines such as Arnold and Vray.


-Grooming with Xgen and Yeti for Feature Films and Cinematics, and Grooming with hair cards for Game Engines.

Digital Clothes

- we create beautiful realistic 3D virtual clothing with our cutting-edge design software.


- we give service of hand key animations and full body motion capture animations.

Rendering & Composting

- we provide hi-end render and we support all rendering engines. we have our own real-time rendering engine.

Concept Art

- We provide creative concept art, that converted your imagination into visuals.

3D Scanning

- The blend of skill and experience makes us much more than just a technical scanning company.


About Us

bitGraphicx Interactive is a high-end animation studio That provides Character based services for video games and feature films. bitGraphicx is best known for It's Pioneering Real-time Marker-less Facial Mo-Cap System and bitgraphicx's Facial Rig as well as world-class Character Art and look development services..

Recent Work